P9 Portfolio Project

Project Corrections / Time Spent: I spent over two hours on the New Flier project I did. It was for another class as well but since we were told that was allowed I felt that this was the best use of my time. I did spend about thirty minutes doing some minor corrections on some of […]

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Project 8 Brochure

Description: A two sided Offset folding brochure. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Programs used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign Tools: Internet, OSSO connections, and Program abilities. Skills: Logo creation in Illustrator, Text wrapping, Paragraph Styling, Image editing and trimming. I had a project to try and create a PR campaign for the Orphanage Service Support Organization. My group […]

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COMM 100 Summaries

April 30   I-COMM Introduction / John Thompson Mainly what I learned here was the need to start gaining experience in the field of communications. That’s what really gets you into the jobs you want. Being able to show that you know what to do, how to improve, and that you have the ability to become […]

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Project 7 Web Page

Description: A web page designed to showcase a personally created logo. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this web page using only TextWrangler on a Mac computer. We were given guides and basics to go off of which were encouraged to deviate from as much as possible. I first wrote all of the HTML coding […]

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Project 6: Stationery

Description: Matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First I created the logo to represent myself. I went with the series of graduated circles to signify movement and multiple entities coming together. The “A” like symbol in the center is for my name. I created the circle design […]

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