The Benefits of Honest and Ethical Public Relations

In entertainment news recently there has been a lot focus on the new Avengers movie. It has proven to be another great success, as was the first. The actors are so well loved that everywhere they go they are met by many fans who are just happy to see their favorite heroes. Due to all of this attention and love from the public, many opportunities to pursue great public relations campaigns have presented themselves. While there were a few that I could have talked about I would like to focus on one in particular.

This scenario starts off with the interview that Robert Downey Jr had with a British journalist. The journalist decided to go off the topic of the movie and into the more personal topic of Mr. Downey’s history with drug addiction and jail time. Mr. Downey excused himself from the interview early due to the questions asked. The video of this interview spread like wildfire across social media with many supporting Mr. Downey’s actions, but there were also those that expressed a lack of knowledge in regards to his infamous past.

The producers, and Robert Downey Jr himself, took to the internet and began explaining what exactly the interviewer had been referring to. They kept the details vague for good reason, but they cast Mr. Downey’s story in a positive light with the theme of “An Addict to an Avenger.” I thought this was brilliant.

Connecting what they did to the idea of always telling the truth I thought that this was the best way to handle the situation. It provided an open and honest answer to any question the public may have had, but it also created a positive message. It showed that no matter what somebody’s circumstances might be, becoming a hero isn’t out of the question.

We talk in the world of public relations about ethics and honesty. There are those that seem to highlight the unfortunate examples of dishonesty, but this example helps shows the benefits of being forthright and ethical. I feel that this kind of public relations campaign didn’t just help Mr. Downey, but the whole world of public relations itself. If all those who work in public relations would see the need to continually demonstrate the good that public relations can accomplish, then public relations might actually accomplish it’s objective.


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