Project 1 Flier

P1Flier Draft2

Description: Black and white flier to promote a Graduate Leadership Conference

Process: First I sketched out some of my ideas for this flier. Then using Adobe InDesign I began to put my ideas together. I went with a mostly black design to make it contrast a bit more in an attempt to draw attention. I used white and black boxes and frames to create repetition and flow. I emphasized one word in the title to create a focal point. I was given the image and all of the content of this flier. My assignment was merely to organize what I was given.

Message: I’m trying to reach out to all business minded graduates who want an opportunity to learn advanced leadership skills to be more competitive and valuable as an employee.

Audience: Graduates 22-30 years of age

Top thing I learned: The importance of paying attention to the little details of the project criteria.

Title Font Name and Category: BlairMdITC TT – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name and Category: American Typewriter – Slab Serif

Links to all images used in this project:


7 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. I really like the use of black on this design. It brings the eye in and it helps it flow throughout the flier. One of my favorite things about this design is the balance between the white box with the logo at the top, and the white box at the bottom that contains the time, date, place. It creates a nice appeal to the eye. I also really like the spacing in the title, and the font. It looks clean and professional. Lastly I like the white outline of the margins, it gives the flier a cool dimension. Nice job!


  2. Your flier is very captivating due to the dark background. I think that the contrast you used between white and black was very good! It intrigued me. I like that the image is nice and large. Words are good, but pictures hold thousands of those and help enhance the flier. Great job! I could definitely see this in the professional world.
    Here is a link to another flier project!


  3. Adam, I really like your flier. The contrast is great and you use diagonal alignment really well to compliment the various text. I think the logo you picked was perfect for this target audience and the picture you chose really complimented the 22-30 age group you were targeting. Nice job!


  4. Adam, I really like your flier! I enjoy how you have a black background instead of white like many others it makes the overall flier very eye-catching. What I also appreciate about your flier is the placement of the logo and how on the time and date the background is white. This allows the eye to see the most important information and the way you displayed it is great! Overall awesome job!

    Here is a link to another blog:


  5. It’s a great work you have here Adam. You work has a very unique feel to it. I like the distinct use of contrast in your colors – white lettering on a dark background calls attention to your work. I also like how you arranged the date time and place in a different letter-box.

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