Project 5 Logos


Logo made for a project. My own name was used.

Creating logos was really quite a change from everything else we have done. Illustrator was by far the bigger part of that different feel. First I decided that I was going to just use my own name as the basis for my logo since I already knew who I was and I knew how to represent myself. I did a few different styles of logos and then got a feel from other people which of them felt was the most appealing and professional. So after deciding to follow their advice I made the three variations of that logo you see above. Along with a few changes to the original design.

Programs/Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator

Message: I am Adam Jackson

Audience: Anyone looking into “my brand”

Top Thing Learned: How to use stroke and fill in combination with the Pen tool.

Color scheme: Complementary    color names: Blue and Orange

Font Name & Category: Orator BT 10 Pitch (Sans Serif)


One thought on “Project 5 Logos

  1. Hi Adam! I like your logo because the symbol represent the first word of your name. I like the complementary color you have chosen: blue and orange. I think the font family is appropriate because is modern, simple and easy to read. I think the tracking is good to make the words more legible. Good job! This is mine:


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