Reestablishing peoples faith in our nations police officers

In this great nation of ours we have seen our fair share of injustices. Unfortunately the citizens of this country are all too familiar with, violence, racism and any number of other saddening realities of our culture. Lately however there has been an unfortunate focus on police officers nationwide. They are being perceived as racist, and abusive of their authority. The saddest part is that this negative view towards police officers seems to be fostered by the actions of only a few bad cops, and the media that earns money off their stories.

I imagine this is a public relations nightmare. Not just for the individual police officers trying to maintain careers and reputations amidst all of these allegations, but for police officials and departments as a whole. The question now before them is how to reestablish public faith in police officers. I have a potentially bold plan on how we could establish transparency as well as begin to solve the problem of corrupt officers that do in fact exist.

The plan is simple. Openly admit that there are in fact racist officers. Admit that some of those that are hired and trained to serve and protect, do end up abusing their power, but not every one of them is guilty of these terrible things. Just like not all CEO’s are guilty of embezzlement, not all parents abuse their children, and not every student cheats on their tests. A few bad apples, however many there are, shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the perception of the whole bushel. This principle should apply to all groups, creeds, and peoples.

After open admission of the reality of how things are, we invite all people to be a part of the solution. Keep filming police officers. Keep finding the poor examples of proper conduct that need to be found. But also find the examples of those that do care and do their jobs right. Show that some are good men and women that want to do what’s right. We also would implore that since we want to find these bad apples and deal with them, that proper channels of authority should be followed; give the system a chance to prove itself.

I can’t say that this would be the easiest plan, but at this moment we are dealing with a public that believes that police officers only protect their own and hide the truth. We have to do some difficult things to prove that isn’t the case.


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