Project 6: Stationery




Matching letterhead and business card designed using a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)First I created the logo to represent myself. I went with the series of graduated circles to signify movement and multiple entities coming together. The “A” like symbol in the center is for my name. I created the circle design by manipulating a normal circle to gradually get thinner towards one point on the circle. I then copied and rotated this design to get the interlocking circle design you see here. Then using 5 overlapping triangles I made the “A” design in the center.

I then just took this design and placed it throughout the card designs and the letter head adding the necessary contact information. The back of the business was the only place where I changed the design by converting it to a greyscale image to better contrast on the black background.  

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign

Message: Adam Jackson is a specialist in the field of public relations and is professional is his interactions with clients and employers

Audience:  Anyone in need of a public relations specialist

Top things learned: How to use Adobe Illustrator in combination with Adobe InDesign

Color scheme: Monochromatic and color names: Blue

Title Font Name & Category: BlairMdITC TT – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Bodoni Twelve ITC – Oldstyle


3 thoughts on “Project 6: Stationery

  1. Adam, very well done. I admired your second card the most – I think because of the obvious contrast between your logo and your typography. Also, you did a wonderful job creating your logo – it is very unique and I have not seen one similar to yours yet. To see another stationary project that I enjoyed, view this blog post:


  2. I love the logo. It has great focal point in the middle, towards the “A.” The white space the surrounds it provides contrast. the text on the bottom right of your logo seems busy and crowded. This could be improved by minimizing the size or eliminating a few elements. The stationery is subtle and professional. It could use more of a distinctive mark, though–possibly a few shapes to underscore the text. Here is another similar design: .


  3. Your logo is awesome! You did a great job of emphasizing this throughout the design, which is good. Emphasize it when you do something awesome! I also really liked your typography. It matches the style of your logo, which is always a hard thing to do. Your spacing also helped in this regard. You are doing an amazing job comrade! Keep up the good work!

    You should take a gander at Brandon’s post!


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