COMM 100 Summaries


30   I-COMM Introduction / John Thompson

Mainly what I learned here was the need to start gaining experience in the field of communications. That’s what really gets you into the jobs you want. Being able to show that you know what to do, how to improve, and that you have the ability to become what the job needs you to be. I also learned more about Soapbox and will be applying for the public relations aspect of it next winter.


7     Our Blog / Journalism / News / Lane Williams

This was interesting just simply because I hadn’t really considered a blog as an easily updated portfolio of all your work. Before changing to this major I never would have considered making a blog but now I’m glad I have one. I also learned the need to organize your blogs.

14   Video Production / Brian Howard / Christian Mawlam

I have Brother Mawlam as a teacher so a lot of what he talked about I had heard before, but I liked his explanation of the nature of what can be accomplish through the medium of video. His company 90 Second Story was a great example of applying video principles, or any other communications principle, to a lucrative and effective business.

21   Visual Communication Emphasis / Caryn Esplin

During this presentation I learned that Visual Media isn’t something to be over looked. When she explained that most COMM students had wished they had learned more about Visual Media I went and added two more visual media classes to my grad plan. That’s mostly what I learned though, that I needed to learn more about visual media.

28   Public Relations/PRSSA – Ward Hicks / Michael Cannon

I had never heard of PRSSA before in detail. I found out that if you haven’t been enrolled in it there a lot of public relations based jobs that won’t even hire you. PRSSA will be another thing I enroll in next school year. I already knew what the basics of public relations were so that aspect of the presentation was mostly review.


4     Advertising / Jeff Hochstrasser

Advertising is a very powerful entity in the world of communications world. It motivates and drives a lot of sales and revenue. Understanding advertising and principles is a very valuable addition to ones skill set. One of the most important aspects of advertising is knowing your audience. When you now what they want/need and how best to communicate to them effectively you can achieve great things. Learn how to reach people.

“Good advertising is like a well orchestrated musical piece”

11   Organizational Communication & Advocacy / Andra Hansen

The main idea that I thought was important in this presentation was the concept that there are many jobs that need communication skill but aren’t considered communication jobs. You aren’t limited by a degree in communications but are in fact liberated by it. There are so many things you can do with your developing skill set in communications to both earn a living and help many great causes have a voice.

18   Understanding GRAD Plans / Tyler Christensen

I already had a seen a couple of presentations in other classes of how to use the graduation planner. In all honesty I didn’t really hear anything new during this presentation. I will say however that I did appreciate that he explained that you can’t just pick classes and hope for the best. You really should plan it all out as much as you can so you don’t get caught off guard.


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