Project 7 Web Page


A web page designed to showcase a personally created logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created this web page using only TextWrangler on a Mac computer. We were given guides and basics to go off of which were encouraged to deviate from as much as possible. I first wrote all of the HTML coding that would be the words and logo for my web page. This proved to be rather simple. I had to learn about special ID tags to properly format my page but with a little help that proved to be simple as well.

The next part was to design and format how the page would look. This was done vis CSS coding in TextWrangler as well. I used some of what was given as a guide but merged some principles from a couple of existing examples given in class. The more interesting thing I did was the unique use of ID tags that wasn’t part of the assignment guides. 

Message: The process of how I made my logo using Adobe Illustrator.

Audience: Anyone looking for a Public Relations Specialist.

Top Thing Learned: How to use CSS

Color scheme and color hex: Monochromatic: Blue, #173763, and #1755a5

Title Font Families & Category: (all names) “BlairMdITC TT” , sans-serif

Copy Font Families & Category: (all names) “Bodoni Twelve ITC”, Times, serif

Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families, I changed the colors to match my logo, and I rounded the edges of my frame.

Word Count: 231


4 thoughts on “Project 7 Web Page

  1. I love this logo. It has multiple layers and design elements, I am sure it took quite awhile to pull this off. I like your color scheme here, it flows nicely and it all looks related, which is great! I think my favorite part of your design is your font on the heading. It is really great and ties in the whole website. Good job!
    Here is a link to Deven’s


  2. Hi Adam! Your logo is great! The overall page looks very professional. I liked that you added a little more information to the heading. It guides the reader and introduces better your text.

    Take a look at my project:


  3. Adam I really love your logo! Even though I don’t know you on a personal level, I feel like it’s obvious that you put a lot of personality into the design of your logo and I think that really enhances your message! I really like the simple color scheme you have going on here the monochromatic blues create a nice professional look. I noticed that you enlarged the background and made it more of a rounded rectangle and I really liked that, I feel like the softened look goes better the circular shapes of your logo. Your typography is cool too I like that you started the paragraph with a friendly enthusiastic greeting it makes it really personable!
    Here’s a link to my blog!


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