P9 Portfolio Project

Project Corrections / Time Spent: I spent over two hours on the New Flier project I did. It was for another class as well but since we were told that was allowed I felt that this was the best use of my time. I did spend about thirty minutes doing some minor corrections on some of my previous projects. I did this just because of the feedback I had received on them when I turned them in.

Message: I want to showcase my work in a professional way.

Audience: Potential client and employers.

Top Thing Learned: Just because a a program has a lot of buttons and features doesn’t mean you can’t easily learn how to use it.

Future application of Visual Media: I hope to use the principles I learned in this class in my future career. But I also will probably use them for fun personal projects as well.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Black

Title Font Name & Category: Abadi MT Condensed Light – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Garamond – Oldstyle

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites):



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